Thank you for helping us raise $2,515 to honour our friend who battled with mental health, addiction and homelessness. The Back Door Mission showed her kindness, fed her meals, shared warmth, and gave her the ability to call her family. Thank you to everyone who helped us raise this money to help provide that same kindness to others at The Back Door Mission in Durham Region.


The Back Door Mission operates the Mission United Project, a low-barrier access hub for essential services, social supports, and primary health care. Mission United provides wrap-around client support services to individuals in Durham Region who are dealing with homelessness, housing insecurity, mental health and addiction concerns, and food access challenges.

In Loving Memory of Alexx

Alexx was a force of nature. She was fearless, unstoppable, and without a doubt unforgettable. 

Alexx also made her fair share of harmful decisions.  She could be impulsive, irrational, unstable, and at times easily angered.  Sometimes she made it impossible to like her, to see past the pain she had caused and the person her illness and addiction made her become. Living with Borderline Personality Disorder, one of the most misunderstood and devastating mental health diagnoses, Alexx was unable to get the help she needed despite having friends and family that loved her endlessly. At her core she was vibrant, intelligent, funny, and cared intensely for her parents and two sisters.  Alexx could light up a room with laughter and hugged the ones she loved like she would never let them go.  She will be missed by the many who had the opportunity to relish in her warm and contagious energy. 

We want to honour all elements of Alexx. The pieces of her that were easy to love and the parts that were impossible to hold close. To remember her only at her best would do no justice to the struggles she faced and forced. To remember her only at her worst would be unfair to the person with the goofy smile and  larger-than-life dance moves. We ask you to remember all of Alexx today and every day. To think of her when you see someone living on the street and want to turn away. Remember they may have family and friends worrying about their safety and whether they have the support to make it through the night. Please show kindness, compassion and empathy for the battles and scars you cannot see. That very well could have been any of us.

To read her mother's public eulogy, please click HERE.

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We hope these words written by Alexx bring comfort to those who knew and loved her:

“Even though someone may not be in this physical world they are still in our emotional world, in our memories and our heart. Although we may forget the sound of their laughter, we may always remember what made them laugh. We may never see them smile again, but we will always remember what made them smile. We may never get to wipe their tears as they fall from their eyes, but we will always know what made them cry. I also tend to lean towards the belief that while here in the physical world as we laugh, cry, smile, play, etc, they too are alongside us as we walk down the aisle, give birth to our first born, buy our first homes… they are there, reveling in the same joy and amazement as us during those times. Likewise, when we are hurting, in pain, and we are exhausted from the daily grind, when we suffer mental health problems far more severe than we may portray, it is their hand that holds us and walks us through our rough spots.” 

We know Alexx is holding the hands of her loved ones now as they say goodbye to the person that has caused them so much joy and pain.

Thank you for helping us raise $2,515 for
The Back Door Mission in her memory

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