RAFFLE - Matching Hoop Set

RAFFLE - Matching Hoop Set

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  • Matching Hoop Set Details

    A chance to win a large yourself or a loved one our Matching Hoop Set 001!

    This includes a  set of two matching Dried Flower Embroidery Hoops handmade by The Sustainable Florist in Toronto, Ontario. Hoops are made using hydrangea, strawflower, and globe amaranth. 

    Sustainably Sourced

    Rescued Tulle: As North America sends over 10 million tonnes of clothing to the landfill each year, 95% of which could be reused or recycled, we decided to source this fabric secondhand to prevent adding to the problematic textile waste issues in Canada. Flowers are arranged on leftover or scrap tulle from designers, brands, or local makers that would otherwise be in the landfill. Due to this, the type of tulle can varies slightly in style and appearance.   

    Recycled Ribbons or natural twine: Rather than sourcing new fabric for ribbons, scrap or secondhand ribbon is used to hang the hoops. When ribbon is returned to us with stains or damage and can no longer be used for weddings, we use the scraps to hang hoops. We also use mismatched ribbons that are donated to us by other florists or makers. Natural twine is sometimes used rather than ribbon if there is no recycled ribbon that matches.

    Bamboo Hoops: High-quality bamboo hoops with rust-resistant metal were chosen from a local craft store. If you know someone who handmakes bamboo hoops, please let us know at thesustainableflorist@gmail.com.

    Natural and Local Flowers: All flowers and plant material used is 100% locally-grown. It has all been dried naturally without any chemicals.

    Will Naturally Fade

    Just like in nature, the appearance of the flowers on the Dried Flower Embroidery Hoops will change over time. Each hoop is made with plant material that was grown-locally and dried naturally. We do not use any material with dyes or chemicals that have been used to preserve or alter the colours of the botanicals because:

    • Many of the chemicals used in the dyeing and bleaching process are unhealthy to pollinators, people, and the planet.
    • Plant material that has been spray-painted or preserved can no longer be composted safely and must be disposed of in the garbage, having an "everlasting" impact on the planet.
    • The dried flowers and plant material used is naturally beautiful. There is no need to create additional waste or support unsustainable practices to alter the appearance of these botanicals.
    • We recommend displaying hoops out of direct sunlight to slow the colour fading from the flowers and plants used. Hopefully you love the way the artwork changes naturally over time

    Delicate in Nature

    These hoops are made with dried flowers, which are incredibly delicate. The flowers may break apart or fall off if not handled with care. Please be careful when hanging or removing the hoop from the wall, as it will likely break if dropped from a distance.

    Damage and Repairs

    If your hoop is damaged during pickup or delivery, please contact us within 24-hours of delivery with a photo at thesustinableflorist@gmail.com so we can arrange to fix the hoop on the house! 

    Hoops that are damaged after 24-hours can still be fixed if dropped and picked up at one of our home studios (Junction Triangle, Toronto or Bowmanville, Clarington). Please keep all dried flowers since they may be able to be reused and we may not have exact duplicates of what was originally-used. We may request a small fee if lots of additional dried flowers are needed for the repair, but we strive to fix at zero cost to help prevent our hoops from ending up in the landfill. 

  • Pickup / Delivery Info:

    We will work with you to find a date where pickup or delivery works for us both! Boxes cannot be shipped and must be hand-delivered or picked up (click HERE to see our delivery/pickup areas).