RAFFLE -Donation Only, No Draw/Raffle Entry

RAFFLE -Donation Only, No Draw/Raffle Entry

Donation Raffle for The Back Door Mission. Learn more by clicking HERE.


Thank you for donating to our cause. This does not include an entry or ticket to the raffle, for those who want to add to our donation in memory of Alexx but are outside of our area or do not want a raffle prize.

Each ticket is $5.45, which includes a $5 donation to Back Door Mission and the 45¢charge from Stripe to process each ticket payment on our website. If there is any remaining money after the processing fee, it will also be donated.


You can also donate funds directly to The Back Door Mission by clicking HERE, but the amount you donate will not be grouped in with our donation in memory of Alexx. The Back Door Mission has a high need for non-perishable food donations and non-food item donations. Please find information about what items are in high demand and how to donate them by clicking HERE.