RAFFLE - Box of Local Love

RAFFLE - Box of Local Love

Donation Raffle for The Back Door Mission. Learn more by clicking HERE.


Each raffle ticket purchased counts as one entry for that prize. Entries are unlimited and you can purchase raffle tickets for as many prizes as you would like. That means if you purchase multiple Box of Local Love raffle tickets, your name is entered multiple times for that prize!

Each ticket is $5.45, which includes a $5 donation to Back Door Mission and the 45¢charge from Stripe to process each ticket payment on our website. If there is any remaining money after the processing fee, it will also be donated.


Please read before purchasing:

1) We have a limited delivery area. Click HERE to check if you are within our delivery zone or within pickup distance.

2) If you live outside our delivery zone and are too far to pick up, prizes are giftable to your friends or family within our location.

3) click HERE to donate without entering the raffle draw. 

  • Box of Local Love Details

    A chance to win a large yourself or a loved one our Box of Local Love 003! 

    This box includes the following items packaged in a box made of 100% recycled paper with natural packaging peanuts made of starch that dissolve in water or can be composed.

    1. The Gold Seed Necklace by Golden Reminders Co.

    2. Hand Engraved Recycled Flower Vase by INKSCRPT

    3. Lavender Fields Candle by The Green Candle Co.

    4. Two Sugar Cookies by Mels Cookie Dough Co.

    The only thing that contains plastic is the sugar cookies to ensure they are kept fresh! We have made this packaging easy to recycle, but we are happy to reuse the box and packaging peanuts for $5 off your next purchase if you return it to us!

    The Gold Seed Necklace by Golden Reminders Co.

    Handmade in Toronto by Melissa of Golden Reminders Co.

    Golden Reminders Co was created with the mission of producing sentimental & customizable pieces to remind people that their stories matter. In fact, they are something worth celebrating! 

    The Gold Seed Necklace features a 24k gold seed charm on an 18-inch chain. It was created to remind ourselves and our loved ones that faith & hope as small as a seed can move mountains.

    Hand Engraved Recycled Flower Vase by INKSCRPT

    Hand engraved in Toronto by Erika of INKSCRPT.

    INKSCRPT is a Toronto-based small business by Erika, a calligrapher and illustrator with a modern and minimalistic style for small businesses, events, and the thoughtful Individual who wants that unique, personal touch.

    The Hand Engraved Recycled Flower Vase is made using recycled kombucha bottles from The Sustainable Florist. Each bottle is hand engraved with line face art on one side, and a palm leaf on the opposite side. Also comes with a few dried flower stems from The Sustainable Florist to display within the vase.

    The bottles will differ from the photos as they are still being engraved. The exact bottles used are Dr. Brew Kombucha bottles that were reused rather than recycled. There is no quote on the bottles, only the fern and faces. The faces are gender-neutral to reflect that not all mothers are women.

    Lavender Fields Candle by The Green Candle Co.

    Each 8oz Candle is hand-poured in Whitby, Ontario by Adriana of The Green Candle Co.

    The Green Candle Co. was created to provide sustainable and eco-friendly products that don't need to be thrown away. Adriana puts the environment first, offering recyclable packaging, reuseable jars, biodegradable wax, natural wooden wicks, and fragrance oils that are Phthalate free! 

    The Lavender Fields candle resembles a bouquet of lavender from the French countryside!

    Two Sugar Cookies by Mels Cookie Dough Co.

    Hand baked and decorated in Toronto, Ontario by Melissa of Mels Cookie Dough Co.

    Mels Cookie Dough Co. prepares custom sugar cookies for any occasion! She specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, and sugar cookies.

  • Pickup / Delivery Info:

    We will work with you to find a date where pickup or delivery works for us both! Boxes cannot be shipped and must be hand-delivered or picked up (click HERE to see our delivery/pickup areas).