RAFFLE - 3 Month Flower Subscription

RAFFLE - 3 Month Flower Subscription

Donation Raffle for The Back Door Mission. Learn more by clicking HERE.


Each raffle ticket purchased counts as one entry for that prize. Entries are unlimited and you can purchase raffle tickets for as many prizes as you would like. That means if you purchase multiple 3 Month Flower Subscription raffle tickets, your name is entered multiple times for that prize!

Each ticket is $5.45, which includes a $5 donation to Back Door Mission and the 45¢charge from Stripe to process each ticket payment on our website. If there is any remaining money after the processing fee, it will also be donated.


Please read before purchasing:

1) We have a limited delivery area. Click HERE to check if you are within our delivery zone or within pickup distance.

2) If you live outside our delivery zone and are too far to pick up, prizes are giftable to your friends or family within our location.

3) click HERE to donate without entering the raffle draw. 

  • 3 Month Subscription Details

    Gift yourself or your loved one a three-month subscription of locally-grown flowers! This subscription includes a bouquet of flowers once a month for three months: July, August, and September!

    Flowers and greens are sourced from our micro-farms in Toronto and Bowmanville and from other Ontario farmers and flower growers. 

    Please note: bouquets will look different than the photos. We use what is locally and seasonally available and do not use any imported flowers or greenery. 

  • What flowers will be in my bouquet?

    That's a surprise! We select what is local and seasonal each week for our subscription bouquets. You'll get access to flowers grown on our micro-farm as well as by other Ontario flower growers.

    Each bouquet will ve $30 in value. The amount of stems in each bouquet varies depending on what blooms are in season.

  • What if I am not home when you deliver?

    If you or the recipient are not going to be home on the day we deliver, please put a mason jar filled with water on your porch if possible. We will leave the flowers in this jar for you so they are hydrated when you get home.

    Otherwise, please send us an email at thesustainableflorist@gmail.com so we can schedule a delivery that works for you or postpone your bouquet to a better date. If cancelling or rescheduling the date, please let us know one week beforehand as we pre-order flowers for you.

  • Delivery/Pickup Info

    West Toronto: Pickup Thursday AM & Friday PM / Delivery Thurs PM & Friday AM

    Clarington: Pickup/Delivery Friday or Saturday (week dependent)

    Choose one week to receive flowers each month (3 dates total):

    July: Second week: 15-16, Third week: 22-23, Fourth week: 29-30.

    August: Second week: 12-13, Third week: 19-20, Fourth week: 26-27

    September: Second week: 9-10, Third week: 16-17, Fourth week: 23-24.