Local Box of Love 002

Local Box of Love 002



Please note these are only available for delivery in Toronto or Clarington, pickup is in Bowmanville, Clarington, or in the Junction Triangle, Toronto. 


The Valentine's Day Collection.


A carefully curated box featuring florals from The Sustainable Florist and gifts from BIPOC makers.


1. Mini Bud Vase handmade in Toronto, Ontario by Yusuke at Akai Ceramic Studio and mini stems of naturally dried flowers from Sammy at The Sustainable Florist.


2. Bamboo + Teak Natural Soy Candle handmade in Toronto, Ontario by Rene at Infiniti x Ashley Candle Co. 


3. 70% Dark Raspberry Leaf and Crunchy Raspberry Bar handmade in Sudbury, Ontario by Chef Tammy at Raven Rising Global Indigenous Chocolates and Pastry.


4. Neutral + Pink Dried Flower Hoop handmade with rescued tulle fabric in Toronto, Ontario by Sammy at The Sustainable Florist.


Packaged in a box made of 100% recycled paper with natural packaging peanuts made of starch that dissolve in water or can be composed. The only thing that contains plastic is the chocolate bar to ensure it is kept fresh and safe for you to consume! We have made this packaging easy to recycle, but we are happy to reuse the box and packaging peanuts for $5 off your next purchase if you return it to us!


When checking out, you'll have the option to choose between pickup or delivery and select your preferred delivery date (Feb. 12-14).


    Yusuke operates Akai Ceramic Studio, a small, family-owned studio in Toronto, Ontario with his wife Naomi.

    "I threw a tea bowl on the wheel for the first time in my life at age 13. I was so blown away by that experience that I have continued to create to this day. In my teens, I focused on traditional Japanese and Chinese ceramics; I taught myself the techniques by visiting regions famous for pottery making, and becoming acquainted myself with potters throughout Japan. In my twenties, I became drown drawn to American industrial design, especially that of the 1960s, and started collecting pieces from that era. After university, I worked as a designer and buyer of tableware by day, and as a potter by night. At the same time, I ran my own pottery-making classes and continued to make ceramics. After moving to Canada, I was fortunate enough to help potters and occasionally run my own workshops. But those activities were not sufficient to make a living, so I had to have a full-time job." In September of 2012, he was finally able to spend more time on pottery and thus Akai Ceramic Studio was born.

    "My wife, Naomi, is an architect trained in Japan with extensive experience in designing kitchens and commercial spaces. She has worked on residential houses and cottages for 15 years since coming to Canada. With her architectural background, she brings invaluable ideas to my pottery work, and adds flavor to it. She also works behind the scenes as photographer and web master for the Akai Ceramics Studio."

    You can find work from Akai Ceramic Studio at @cambiedesign, an online textile and home decor store in Toronto. You can shop Akai Ceramic Studios on Fabrique 1840 too!


    Bud Vase Details:

    Each vase is approximately 1" in diameter and 2 1/2-3" in height. Due to their nature and small scale, the size, shape, and speckled pattern may vary slightly between vases. These vases are intended for use as decorative pieces only. 


    René is the maker behind Infiniti x Ashley Candle Co, a proudly Canadian, Black & female-owned business in Toronto, Ontario.

    "Hey! My name is René (second name Ashley) - “The woman behind the wax!” And owner of Infiniti x Ashley Candle Co. I started making soy candles in May of 2020. What started out as a quarantine project, creative outlet and self-care activity turned into a business in October of the same year and has been thriving ever since, thanks to you all (and the help of my generous sisters)!

    Infiniti x Ashley Candle Co. was started to give candle-lovers like myself a healthier alternative to scented candles without the harmful chemicals, toxins and other residues you might get from the common store brand candles. Our candles are made with natural soy wax, a blend of premium essential oils, both phthalate & paraben free fragrance oils and eco friendly wood wicks. All this packed into a reusable glass jar! Made with you in mind to provide you peace of mind."

    René handcrafts all her candles in small batches to ensure the best quality and doesn't add colouring to keep the candles as natural as possible! Check out the customizable candles she is offering for Valentine's Day at ixacandleco.com or @ixacandleco ✨


    Candle Details:

    Scent Notes: Sandalwood, cedar wood, musk, floral and sweet fruit

    Net Weight: 8oz, Burn time: +/- 40 hours 

    Tip: When lighting your candle for the first time, be sure to trim your wick to 0.25” above the wax. We recommend letting your candle burn minimum 2 hours to maximum 4 hours to create a full melt pool and prevent tunneling.


    Chef Tammy is a proud Saulteaux Ojibwe Kwe from White Bear First Nation in Saskatchewan. She is a survivor of the 60's Scoop, a government-enacted project lasting from the 1950s - 1990s where agents stole nearly 34,000 Indigenous children from their birthmothers and placed them in white, middle class families across North America. Chef Tammy was adopted into a loving Finnish family in Sudbury, Ontario. When Chef Tammy was older and made attempts to trace her heritage, she was stonewalled by agencies who told her that her files were lost in a fire. It was only after she became part of the Sixties Scoop lawsuit that Chef Tammy discovered the extensiveness of her White Bear family.

    Chef Tammy has had the opportunity to work in some of the best restaurants, resorts, hotels and bakeries throughout Canada. She is a Certified, Red Seal Journeyman Pastry Chef and Baker. Passionate about her heritage, @ravenrising.ca is a new venture she started in 2020 in Sudbury, Ontario to mix recipes she learned from her Finnish mother with Indigenous ones from her heritage.

    “This is my life purpose. I was born to bake and create food like this. Every single time I make a chocolate or use an Indigenous ingredient, I feel like it’s a piece of me. It’s like I’m giving you a hug from afar." We seriously feel hugged by Chef Tammy when we taste the love and care that has went into creating her chocolates.

    "Our wish is to offer a balance of both worlds. Melding the traditional with the new while still respecting the ingredient. Our chocolates and pastries put the focus on traditional ingredients sourced, wherever possible, from Indigenous people in Canada and throughout the world. We strive to offer sustainable, ethical, traceable, and organic ingredients. We proudly source from local and Canadian businesses. Chi Miigwetch for joining us on our tasty journey!"

    Chef Tammy also crafts chocolate memberships on a monthly basis and offers her uniquely shaped chocolates internationally through her website at ravenrising.ca. ​A portion of her proceeds go to #MMIW ♥️



    These chocolates do not contain any added animal products or gluten products. We produce all of our chocolates by hand, however all of our equipment used are the same for all chocolates.  The kitchen that we use, is the same kitchen we use for all products.  Any of our products may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, milk, or eggs.


    The Sustainable Florist is currently my side gig as I work as a research analyst in mental health. Growing and designing with flowers helps relieve my anxiety and stress, and I hope to work solely as a farmer-florist in the future! I'm also a cat foster mom for two rescues in the GTA.

    While I save up for my own land, I grow flowers in my little micro-farm in the Junction Triangle in Toronto, Ontario. By using wooden containers, fabric grow bags, and pots in my rented backyard and deck, I am able to create a mini urban flower farm. I also grow in a larger, in-ground micro-farm in Bowmanville, Ontario. My amazing parents built this during the pandemic to expand the number of flowers we could grow!

    I use my blooms and flowers from other local farmers for weddings, subscriptions, and to sell in small shops during the flower season. In the winter months, I transition to wreaths and dried and pressed flower art. I created the Box of Local Love to collaborate with local BIPOC makers and spotlight their work, so you'll be seeing these boxes pop up year-round for special occasions or just because! I strive to be low-waste and consider social and environmental sustainability in all aspects of my work and business.

    As I only use local flowers dried naturally, I cannot source enough to sell in bouquets or arrangements all fall and winter long. Inspired by the creator of #flowersontulle Olga Prinku, I've made my version of dried flower embroidery hoops using leftover or deadstock tulle rescued from the landfill. The embroidery hoops are made of bamboo with rust-resistant metal.



    Crafted on a 5-inch bamboo embroidery hoop. Each one is unique and will have variances in the placement of the flowers, and the flowers used. There may be slight differences from the type of hoop or tulle used in the photos, as we source secondhand and locally.

    As we only use flower and plant material that has been dried naturally (without any dyes or chemicals) for our own safety and the safety of the planet, the artwork will change appearance over time due to sunlight fading the colours of the botanicals. We recommend displaying somewhere out of direct sunlight to keep the colour for the longest time possible.