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My love for flowers started when I was young - I remember picking wildflowers on walks with my mom as she told me their names and encouraged me to smell (and sometimes even taste) them. As a young child I remember florals evoking feelings of curiosity in me, wondering how something so beautiful can be grown and transformed from a small seed. How after the bleak of winter, the colour of a new life can emerge from under the snow, filling the air with sweet scents and hope for the spring.

It wasn't until my twenties that I jumped into the world of floristry. Working in mental health research, flowers and plants became an escape from the stresses of the job. When I eventually considered switching careers and working with flowers, I discovered there are no floral shops that are floral-foam free, locally-grown only, and without the use of dyed or bleached flowers and foliage. Flowers ground me and connect me to nature, so seeing the amount of waste and chemicals used in this industry made me fall out of love with it. That is why I created my own business part-time so I can do what I love in a way that puts the environment and the person first. I hope to be a full-time flower farmer and florist in the future!


Where Sammy Grows

Our flowers grow in containers in our micro-farm in the Junction Triangle in Toronto, Ontario. By using wooden containers, fabric grow bags, and pots in our rented backyard and deck, we are able to create a mini urban flower farm!

We also grow in our larger, in-ground micro-farm in Bowmanville, Ontario. This was built by Sammy's parents during the COVID-19 pandemic to expand the amount of flowers we could grow! 


The Sustainable Florist

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