The Sustainable Florist

Low-Waste Flower Farming + Floral Design




The modern cut-flower industry has lost its roots to nature; flowers are grown with chemicals and pesticides, flown across continents, exposed to extensive dye and bleach processes, and wrapped up in single-use plastics.

We believe as farmer-florists, we have a responsibility to respect the Earth and work towards lowering our environmental impact. The way we care for our flowers reflects our relationship and connection to nature.

In our work, we hope to reconnect the person to the land. We strive to be transparent about the process from seed to vase to show where flowers are coming from and how they are grown. By highlighting the faces behind the flowers, we hope the love and care that went into their growth shines through and you experience the same connection we feel to the natural world.




Flowers are grown and sourced without the use of chemicals or pesticides, including no unhealthy dyes or bleaches. Flower food is not used as we do not believe chemicals are necessary for flower care and consider the single-use packaging wasteful. Chemicals are not used to treat pests or diseases and instead organic farming practices are used. We are careful to source flowers from farmers with similar values. This not only protects the environment and pollinators, but also those who handle and care for the flowers. Plant material altered with dyes and bleaches cannot be safely composted, and we do not believe in creating waste when beauty is growing all around us.


We've made the commitment to only use flowers that are local and seasonal. This means we are not able to accommodate requests for flower types outside of when they naturally bloom. Flowers are sourced from our own micro-farms and other farmers in Ontario. We do not use imported flowers to lower our environmental impact and reduce our flower miles. The lack of transparency in the floral industry makes it difficult to work safely with imported materials while ensuring fair and equitable conditions for farm workers overseas. Due to these commitments, our designs are limited in the winter months when we transition to work with naturally dried flowers.


We source our flowers directly from farmers without plastic sleeves as much as possible. We take the time and care to reuse elastics and sleeves if used on the flowers we source. Otherwise, we use recycled craft paper and natural jute twine to wrap our bouquets. In our design work, we strive to use high-quality materials that can be returned and reused for future designs. We offer a discount when supplies are returned. If materials can not be reused, we ensure responsible disposal in our waste, recycling, and compost systems, understanding the limitations of our waste system in processing biodegradable and compostable plastics.


Floral-foam, whether "biodegradable" or not, is never used due to the shown harmful impacts on the environment and wildlife. This foam, which is commonly used in the industry, does not break down over time, contributing to the harmful impacts of microplastics in the environment. This foam is made of toxic chemicals and the dust from dry foam is dangerous to our respiratory system if inhaled. Floral-foam-free and sustainable design techniques that can be reused or recycled are always used instead, such as chicken wire, floral pins, water tubes, and creative containers.


Just like our flowers, we source our supplies with consideration to people and the planet. Our vases and containers are sourced secondhand, making them unique for weddings and events. We use recycled glass containers donated from members in our community for everyday vases, such as glass drink containers and mason jars. By cleaning and removing the labels, we give these containers another purpose before they are recycled. We provide a $5 discount on your next order when you return supplies to be reused!


We believe in giving back to our community. Every purchase includes a donation to a local organization of your choice. We have chosen these organizations for their focus on supporting and uplifting BIPOC and Queer individuals in our community. We were able to raise $2,975 to donate in 2020 thanks to everyone who supported our small business. If these included donations are a barrier for you, please do not hesitate to let us know here. No questions asked, we will send you an invoice without the donation included.